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To produce a quick onset of effects and rapid effect, cannabinoids are widely smoked or vaporized. When 5cakb48 is dissolved in a lipid, it becomes orally active, which can considerably extend the duration. It is hydrophilic, like other cannabinoids, but dissolves in ethanol and lipids. Synthetic cannabinoids, unlike cannabis, have been linked to several major injuries, deaths, and more harmful side effects and toxicity in general. As a result, taking this substance for long periods or in large dosages is strongly discouraged.


After its analogue 5f-AKB-48 was outlawed, Chinese researchers developed 5cakb48, a novel cannabinoid. 5C-AKB48 is a more potent version of AKB-48 that targets cannabinoid receptors and is used in a variety of synthetic cannabis blends. If you want to buy 5cakb48 online, contact H.A.C Pure Research Chemicals & Cannabinoids right away!


Uses of 5CAKB48

A comparable investigation into the effects of banned agonists on CB2 receptors seems reasonable. As it were, BAC provides it for the purposes of examination motivations. It is not intended for recreational or human usage.


AKB-48 is cannabinoid and easy. Other names include: 5-chloro-AKB-48 IPUAC name: (adamantan-1-yl) – One (5-chloropentyl) – indazole-3-carboxamide-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide Minimum purity of 99.2 percent.


5cakb48 has a white powder/light yellow powder look. It’s a synthetic cannabinoid that’s structurally identical to the medication, has a comparable potency, and appears to have similar effects. Unlike most synthetic cannabinoids, this drug is primarily offered as a white powder.


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