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If you are inquisitive about the drug named Butylone Crystal, then you must read this full description. Butylone Crystal comes under the category of cathinones that were initially traded online as ‘legal’ alternatives to drugs like cocaine, speed, and ecstasy. The synthetic cathinones are usually not for human consumption, and sold for research purposes and as bath salts and plant food. Moreover, it may be tricky to buy Butylone Crystal online at provincial places, as it is always traded in the online market. But whenever you need it, consider buying Butylone Crystal online as it has greatly been bought and sold online.



Product reference number


Full chemical name




Molecular weight


CAS Number


Supplied as

hydrochloride salt


white to off-white crystalline powder


IR corresponds


corresponds to structure


MH+ corresponds

UV max [nm] (mol, solvent)

233.0 ± 1.0 (17000 ± 1500, methanol)

Melting point [Celsius]

229 ± 3

HPLC purity [%]

> 98.5

Free base content [%]

> 83.7

Water content [%]

< 1

Calculated hydrochloride content [%]


Order Butylone Crystal online

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  • [CAS Number 17762-90-2] Butylone.hydrochloride is a designer stimulant drug categorized as a cathinone. Also known as bk-MBDB, butylone.HCl is a metabolite of bk-DMBDB with no currently accepted medical use. However, it is often detected in bath salts. Butylone.HCl is available as reference material (bulk powder and/or solution) and as calibrated, Ready-to-Use, certified reference material (CRM). This product is designed for qualitative and quantitative protocols and can be used for forensic, toxicology, research, and other chemical/biochemical analytical applications.

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